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Turkeys & Blockchain

Build an Empire

Future of Freight 

Avoiding ELD Outages

Turkeys & Blockchain

Gobble Gobble! 

Do you want to know where your Thanksgiving turkey came from? Check your phone.

Cargill’s blockchain food-traceability program for Honeysuckle White brand turkeys now spans more than 70 family farms and 200,000 birds. Shoppers with a smartphone can enter a code on the turkey’s label and get details about where it was raised as well as information about the individual bird, including what it ate, how long it was at the farm, and…

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A Platform for Building an Empire

Featuring Roger Dasler – Business Analyst at Roehl Transport

By Matthew Meeks

ELD? We got it.

Weigh station bypass and GPS navigation? Check!

Mobile scanning and dispatch chat? Yeah, we do that too.

And that’s only the beginning…

The full Transflo ecosystem has endless possibilities – And carriers can leverage this expansive platform to build a mobile empire of rich content that gets pushed directly to their drivers. This is all easy to accomplish with the industry-trusted mobile

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Streamlining the Future of Freight

…with 3 Technologies

We’re in an age where constant connectivity and digital workflows are streamlining all kinds of processes in freight transactions. From posting loads, managing documents, to making sure the shipper is properly invoiced so the carrier’s payment cycle can begin. Transportation management systems, telematics, and cloud-based business applications are giving 3PLs and freight brokers the information they need to make sound decisions and collaborate with their partners in the supply chain.

Still, the job of covering loads could be far more efficient. Let’s do the math…

  • On average, it takes a freight broker seven phone calls to find a qualified carrier, and each call typically takes two minutes. If you have 15 loads to cover, you’re spending almost four hours on the phone.
  • Owner-operators and small carriers use an average of 18 different freight brokers every month. They’re looking for partners that are transparent and easy to work with, from the moment they read a load post until the time their invoice is settled.

The next five years promises to bring a tidal shift in the way brokers use technology to put the…

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What’s a GPS WN Rollover Event?

And How to Avoid an ELD Outage

Electronic logging devices have a long-established track record for reliability and accuracy. Fleets have used them since before a federal mandate was even in the works.

But they’re not foolproof. Some manufacturers in the past have experienced a GPS week number (WN) rollover event – which can cause telematics units to miscalculate time and a receivers location.

A rollover event occurs when the…

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ELD bundled to save you money, financing available with no up-front hardware costsQuick Compliance
Affordable pricing with available inventory. Get a FMCSA-certified Transflo T-series device with no up front hardware costs and a lifetime upgrades/warranty on logging device equipment. (An activation fee may apply depending on fleet size)

This mobile app for drivers gives you electronic bill of lading and more.Transflo Mobile Manage your whole workday – anywhere, anytime! Weigh station bypass, truck navigation with live traffic, E-Logs, loads, documents, & more.


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