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 120 Years of Trucking

American Dream Team

Summer ’19 Maintenance

U.S. Oil Ignites the Industry

Time Travel Through 120

Years of Trucking

A Look at Each Decade Since 1898

By Matthew Meeks

It’s time to hop in the trucking time machine and see where it all began…

We’ll jump back in time 120 years to what’s believed to be the very first “semi-truck.” Then, we’ll watch the industry unfold over the years as we travel through two world wars and see trucking culture take flight.

We’ll wrap things up as we head ‘back to the future’ to see where the trucking industry’s headed.

Fire up the flux capacitor, Marty McFly. Let’s GO!

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Summer ’19

Tire Maintenance 

5 Rules to Stick to…


Running a truck or trailer tire at 20 percent under recommended inflation pressure generates excess heat and flexing that can reduce tire mileage by 15 percent and can damage the casing. It pays to keep your tires at their proper PSI.

Recommended inflation pressures vary according to tire size, load type/weight, and other factors, so refer to your tire supplier’s published load chart for the correct air pressure for each individual tire.


Whether it’s by the mile or by the hour, establish inflation inspection intervals for every vehicle. Outfit each cab with a calibrated pressure gauge, invest in…

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The “American” Dream

THIS is how I make my money.

What’s more American than a fleet of red, white, and blue trucks in Texas?

This month we’re highlighting the success of a patriotic carrier appropriately named American Petroleum Carriers LLC.

Owner and director, Luis Trevino, told us about his 18 years of success in the Lonestar state, and how valuing quality employees and using new technology helped him take his business to new heights!

Transflo and American Petroleum came together in the summer of 2017 to create an American dream team. Since then, their fleet has grown 350 percent! And here’s how it went down…

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Geotab was Ranked the #1 Commercial Telematics Vendor WORLDWIDE by ABI Research 

Transflo Telematics and ELDs
are powered by Geotab.

Sure feels good to be the best.

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Oil is Igniting the Industry

What you Should Know About the Permian Basin

One of the most dependable regions for freight right now is the Permian Basin in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico, home to the largest crude oil fields in the United States.

Today this region produces nearly 4 million barrels of oil a day and accounts for about one-third of all U.S. output. More than 470 drilling rigs, about half the operating rigs in the continental United States, are in the Permian Basin.

Where there’s oil activity, there are opportunities for trucking. Here are four things you should know about hauling in the Permian…

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Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine UPDATE

The invasive spotted lanternfly species has been wreaking havoc on crops in the mid-Atlantic states. It has already spread through various counties in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware and New Jersey.

The insect threatens crops like hops and grapes (among others) and has been hitchhiking on semi trucks and other modes of transportation.

Transflo has responded by offering access to Lanternfly Compliance maps, forms and docs right in the Transflo Mobile+ App. Download from the Apple and Google Play stores now. Once in the app, use the fleet ID: BUGBGONE

For more info on the invasive species and quarantine areas, check out the following Wall Street Journal article by Jenifer Smith.
Article: Invasive Spotted Lanternfly

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