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Protecting Drivers with No-Touch Transactions

A Dashcam Mandate?

Boosting Carrier/Broker Communications

100 Percent Digital?

New Scorecards

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Protecting Drivers & Increasing Efficiency  

...With No-Touch Transactions

The electronic logging device (ELD) mandate was a catalyst for digital innovation in the transportation industry and the COVID-19 pandemic the accelerant.

When published on Dec. 16, 2015, the ELD rule gave carriers exactly four years to comply with a final deadline. New innovations flooded the market during as carriers re-evaluated their mobile strategies during this period.

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The Truth About Carrier/Broker Communication

The key to a good relationship is communication; ask any couple with a healthy relationship and this is likely going to be their advice. All types of relationships rely on both parties to do their part. This is the case for professional relationships as well, including one between a freight broker (or 3PL professional) and the carriers they do business with…

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The Buzz

...On Freight Industry Dashcams

The last thing people usually want are more rules and mandates…

They’re costly, time-consuming, and frankly just a real pain in the neck! However, one mandate we’re predicting isn’t far off may offer more honey than sting.Many fleets are already equipping themselves with dual-facing dashcams to reap the benefits now and get ahead of the curve before it becomes a requirement...


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Clearing a Path Toward... 

Fully Digital Freight Transactions

A fully digital, end-to-end freight transaction is the holy grail for the transportation and logistics industry. Only recently has it become attainable, on a large scale, for companies of all sizes.

To arrive at this moment, shippers, third-party logistics (3PL) providers and motor carriers have quickly been migrating to new platforms for conducting freight transactions that have capabilities that exceed traditional methods such as electronic data interchange (EDI).

Cloud-based platforms are now using real-time integrations with transportation management software (TMS) systems to power advanced...

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Transflo Completes Electronic Logging Device Registration with FMCSA


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