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Recession or Not?

Trucker Justice

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Transflo Hits the Road!

Here's Where to See Us on the Show Circuit

Whether you’re a driver, fleet manager, or freight broker, Transflo technology makes your work more efficient and effective—and we’re bringing that technology to the industry’s most important events this fall:

August 22-24: Great American Truck Show (GATS), Dallas. Join us at Booth 1308 and learn more about how the Transflo Mobile+ app can help you manage loads, plan routes, scan documents, access payroll, and more.

August 25-27: McLeod User Conference, Denver. The McLeod User Conference is one of the best networking events of the year and a chance to see our Velocity+ platform and business process automation solutions first-hand. We’ll be at Booth 209.

You can view our full calendar HERE

Is the 'Trucking Recession' All in Our Heads?

What’s Really Up with Truckload Rates

Or more to the point,…why aren’t rates closer to where they were a year ago?

In June this year, the national average spot van rate of $1.89 per mile was 43 cents below the average for June 2018, according to DAT Solutions, which operates the industry’s largest load board network.

The average reefer rate was $2.25 per mile, 46 cents below the rate in June 2018. The flatbed rate averaged $2.30 per mile, 52 cents lower year over year.

Lower rates usually reflect less demand for truckload services, but it’s important to keep a few things in perspective if you’re comparing this year to the freight market in 2018.

2018 Was a Record-Setter: June is a peak month for spot truckload rates. But June 2018 was unlike any we’ve ever seen, setting all-time highs for...


Bringing Justice to Trucking

The Story of an Industry Hero

By Matthew Meeks

NLS Carriers got its start five years ago when Lamar Nelson took his long-term love of trucking to an entrepreneurial level. With a fleet of 10 and some ambitious growth projections for the near future, NLS is a look into a new type of carrier that’s focused on diversity and partnering with owner/operators.

Nelson’s vision was (and is) to create a company that is a home for owner/operators who’ve been treated unfairly by other carriers. 

Quote from NLS Carriers’ website: Lamar’s vision grew to insuring that all owner/operators would work with honesty, integrity and transparency. In doing so, NLS Carriers Corp, takes care of its owner/operators with respect.

…And Nelson is no stranger to setting things right in the world, considering he’s been a homicide detective for 17 years. With a long history of fighting for justice in his community, it’s no wonder he...


Transflo products and services continue to expand.

Scanning, GPS navigation, weigh station bypass, broker solutions, and ELDs too!


We'll soon be offering Dash Cams & Trailer Tracking. Yeah, we do that too!

Join us today:

FMCSA Wants to Know...

Can Tech Reduce Dock Delays?

Time is money, especially when you’re waiting to load or unload.

So, how is technology really reducing delays?

The U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is asking fleets, drivers, and logistics managers about how they use technology like ELDs, cloud-based computing, mobile apps, and trailer tracking to manage their time at shipping and receiving facilities.

We’ve seen how technology can help carriers and drivers be more efficient and quantify their time.

For example: The latest generation of trailer telematics is all about uninterrupted two-way communications, including data logging, GPS location, and active tracking. Two-way trailer telematics make it easier for...


FREE ELDQuick Compliance
Affordable pricing with available inventory. Get a FMCSA-certified Transflo ELD with no up front hardware costs and a lifetime upgrades/warranty on ELD equipment. (An activation fee may apply depending on fleet size)

Transflo Mobile Manage your whole workday – anywhere, anytime! Weigh station bypass, truck navigation with live traffic, E-Logs, loads, documents, & more.


Transflo Completes Electronic Logging Device Registration with FMCSA


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