One of the beauties of the trucking industry is a driver can end up hauling just about anything. A load can be a trailer full of iPhones, grocery store produce, live animals, or even a three-bedroom house. The oversize load in this video is definitely more on the unique side of things to haul…

We start by seeing a truck approaching and hauling a bizarre long object… As the driver begins to make the turn we start to get the idea that this is definitely an oversize load…But it’s when the camera scans all the way over to the right, that the reality sinks in: this driver is hauling an absolute beast!

Talk about “being in it for the long haul!

So, what in the world is this driver hauling anyway?

Reddit user, jdubs465, wrote, “that truck looks like a physical representation of the glitch you get when you move during a panorama.” Well, it’s not a glitch… it’s just one monster wind turbine blade.

Who knew they were this massive?

Regardless, this sharp turn is definitely going to require top-notch skills in speed, turning, braking, etc. Typically, a driver could avoid roads with sharp turns and low-lying bridges with Transflo’s Navigation Feature, but this load has a very specific destination.

So, it’s over the bridge we go!

After the rig makes the sharp turn it begins to slowly make its way over the bridge with part of the load hovering over the railing. It seems impossible that this thing WON’T end up in the ditch…

And then the anxiety sets in…

The camera then pans to the right again where we can now clearly see a steerable axle is being used to maneuver the back portion of the load into place.

*Sigh of relief*

One Reddit user, theaceaspadez, said “this post gave me incredible anxiety until I saw the back tires rolling sideways which was amazing.”

We agree!

For oversize loads of this length, we often see smaller trucks pushing from behind, but these guys opted for a steerable axle (and probably for the best).

Steerable axles are usually controlled by either the driver or remote controlled by someone nearby.



Hats off to the driver and his mad trucking skills.

Someone give this trucker a raise!

Meanwhile, I’m still trying to figure out how to parallel park my Jeep…



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