Trucker Ink

11 Tattoos Fit for a Road King 

By Matthew Meeks

Trucking isn’t just a job; it’s a lifestyle.

And some people are truly committed – for life.

Maybe you’re looking for a little inspiration for your next tattoo OR maybe you’re just relaxing on break and have nothing better to look at…

Either way, let’s take a look at some incredible ink that celebrates diesel, the open road, and the road king.

Let’s scroll!


1. Wicked Tanker Tat

Check out the view and those details…



2. Old School Rig

Is that Cali? Or Florida? Somewhere with palm trees anyway…

Front driver-side tire looks a bit wobbly though.



3. The Open Road 

Details are pretty incredible on this one.



4. True Love

Some truckers get a tattoo of their girlfriend or wife…

…others get one of their real true love.



5. Into the Sunset

That glare is killer – luckily this guy’s got his aviators.



6. ‘Til the Day I Die

18 to life? Talk about being REALLY committed…



7. Fire in the Sky

Keep what you love closest to your heart…



8. Shifting into Gear

Meanwhile, this guy is living in the year 3019.

His ink let’s him see the gears without taking his hand off the stick shift!



9. Road King 4 Life

Props to this creative scar cover-up art.



10. Big Storm

“And the thunder rolls…

…and the lightning strikes!”



11. Wicked Light

The best for last?

Check out the white ink used in the cracked glass and headlights.




So… who’s ready to go get inked?

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