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Document Scanning

Getting documents back from drivers on the road is the best way to improve cash flow. Transflo scanning offers multiple methods to receive documents and send information where it needs to go. With our scanning solutions, carriers and brokers receive documents in a consistent format from one consolidated repository. And with customized cover sheets and bar codes, only paperwork from your drivers is sent.

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Scanning Options

More Than 2,200 Scanning Locations

Transflo document scanning is available at more than 2,200 truck stops throughout the United States and Canada, improving productivity and lowering your back-office operational costs.

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Scanning Options

Scanning Options

How It Works:

  • Transflo immediately delivers your invoice and load paperwork to the carrier and backs it up in our redundant data centers.
  • Your invoice goes directly into the payment process.
  • You can confirm that your invoices arrived for processing and receive a confirmation number.
  • Because the broker receives your invoice and paperwork electronically, you get paid faster!
Service Locations

Scanning Options

Express Scanning

Send and receive documents with these extensive options:

  • Nationwide network of truck stop locations
  • Any TWAIN-compliant scanner from anywhere, including the cab of a truck, office, or home
  • Scanning station at your terminal locations
  • Transflo OnDemand for documents from dispatch that you need to print
Express Scanning

Key Benefits

document management
Gain enterprise-level document management intelligence
tracking with document intelligence
Enhance data analytics and tracking with document intelligence
payment collections
Process documentation quickly to facilitate invoicing and payment collections
Back-end automation
Back-end automation and enterprise system integration (i.e., finance, ELD, HR, geographically distributed office locations)
machine learning
Combine driver tools (i.e., mobile capture) with machine learning
data reporting
Customize the comprehensive interface for data reporting

Getting Started with Transflo Scanning

Our scanning solutions give drivers multiple ways to submit their trip paperwork.

How Transflo Scanning Works

How Transflo Scanning Works

The entire process typically takes less than a minute, once a driver hands trip documents to a trained cashier or utilizes a scanning resource center. First, the cashier or driver scans the trip documents and prints a confirmation receipt; the originals are kept with the driver. Next, the scanned trip documents are transmitted to Transflo’s redundant data centers and delivered electronically to the carrier.

The documents are then available immediately for billing and settlements.

Scanning Locations-mobile

Find Our Scanning Locations

Find a location by state, province, or type of scanning resource. Also download a PDF reference file of all locations.

Support Center

Our Support Center

Need a hand? Transflo’s dedicated team of support professionals and detailed resources are here when you need them.