Unity Grows with Transflo Featuring: Tannile Bates from Unity Transport, LLC

Unity Transport LLC HQ   This month we had a chance to chat with Tannile Bates, owner of Unity Transport, LLC. Unity Transport got its start in October 2018 with two trucks. Four months later and they’re now operating 11 trucks with a goal to keep adding two rigs to their fleet each month. Unity Transport is using Transflo's full suite of products and services such as Transflo Mobile, Transflo ELD, weigh station bypass, fleet navigation and Command Center to help reach their goals.  

More Than Scanning

As Unity Transport has discovered, Transflo is way more than just a document scanning company now. We are an all-encompassing solution for fleets of all sizes. This works well for new companies like Unity who start small and grow overtime, because Transflo offers scalable solutions for two-truck fleets, 2,000-truck fleets and everything in between. Bates attributes part of Unity’s rapid growth to her husband’s 22 years of experience in the trucking industry AND the benefits they reap from having a salvage license.   Tannile Bates and her family   Transflo Account Manager, Rey Rosa, explained his first conversation with Bates, “She called me before Unity Transport even had their first truck, and I was excited about her initiative and ambition to grow it so rapidly.”  

The Total Experience

Bates offered some feedback about her Transflo experience, saying, “Transflo has gone above and beyond any other program that I have seen. I’m able to easily and efficiently keep an eye on my driver’s hours and location. I’m also able to dispatch and communicate with my drivers, and pull paperwork as soon as it's turned in.” Bates continued, “This truly is a start-to-finish program. Plus, all the Transflo products and services work together seamlessly which makes my job much easier. I just add a truck and a driver, and then we’re off and running! Plus, I love being able to use on my phone. I can see where all my drivers are even when I’m at home.”   It’s true! The ease of being able to manage your fleets and review data is a breeze with the telematics suite and Command Center from Transflo. All of us at Transflo are grateful for Unity’s time spent talking to us about their story. Rosa summed things up by saying, “Transflo is excited to unite with Unity Transport on their journey. I know our dedicated team will be able to assist Unity Transport for years to come.” Check out Unity's contact info and website below AND for more info on Transflo products and services contact Rey Rosa.

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