The Velocity Platform


Speed up document processing, harness automation, and reduce the stress of document management. Our solution turns trip paperwork into revenue faster.

Fleets can download the PC desktop software to work with Velocity Brokers on the Velocity platform and digitize documents with the Mobile+ app.

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Velocity Platform

The Velocity Platform


Velocity+ is the premier tool for brokers and 3PLs, offering load visibility, track and trace, quick pay, digitized paperwork, and automated workflows. Our product can be integrated with most TMS platforms and performs seamlessly within the Transflo digital ecosystem.

Velocity +

The Velocity Platform

Velocity VIP

Providing freight brokers and professional drivers with modern document capture and index solutions, including back-office automation and high-tech mobile scanning.

The process

Key Benefits

Load Tracking
Provide comprehensive shipment information and real-time load tracking, including POD availability
Search Functions
Automate data and document capture, with enhanced search functions
Payment Processing
Simplify invoicing and payment processing
Receive Documents
Receive and electronically catalog documents in the carrier’s TMS
Scanning Methods
Support multiple document scanning methods and deliver them in one standard format
Send Details
Send shipment details to the carrier and driver automatically

Getting Started with Velocity Is Easy


Setting Up an Account

See how easy it is for fleets to register and work with brokers.

Connect to Your Broker

Use your broker’s ID to update your user information in the “Setup & Administration” section of the Velocity app.

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