Dude, Where’s My Trailer…?

Asset Tracker Visibility with Absolute Accuracy

By Matthew Meeks

Isn’t it time you had full visibility of your assets…?

If there were only some kind of technology you could use on your device that displayed exactly where your trailers are…

Oh wait…There is!

More and more carriers are installing the latest Transflo Trailer Trackers – and not just to save time & money – but to lower stress and improve driver efficiency and workflows.

Drivers can spend anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour looking for a trailer in a large yard. And that time adds up and effects your bottom line. GPS technology on your drivers mobile devices could be the solution you’re looking for. And with tracking technology using solar charging options and working seamlessly with the full Transflo ecosystem of products and solutions, it’s easy to get started. 

For more info on equipping your assets with trackers, check this out.

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