Find out how to win
the inspection game

Find out how to win the inspection game

Want to know the truths about DOT maintenance citations?

Put the myths to rest around DOT maintenance citations and gain helpful insights for your next inspection. Find out what you need to know about common equipment-failure points and inspectors’ priorities. Get started today with this helpful guide!

What’s Inside

  • Myths and truths about how to win the inspection game
  • Heat maps of states most likely to issue lighting, brake and tire violations to small carriers
  • More helpful tips to win the inspection game

Quick Teaser:
Myth: DOT inspectors don’t have quotas for inspections so light citations are not a top priority.

Truth: They have quotas for inspections, not citations. So, make sure your lights are in
perfect working order. They are the easiest for inspectors to spot. During your pre-trip inspections, check both the tractor and trailer for broken or inoperable lights and cracked or missing lenses. Download this guide and avoid costly citations by following these simple tips.

How You Benefit

You’ll benefit from knowing how to prepare for your next inspections, and which states are most likely to issue lighting, brake, and tire violations. Download this guide and take the hassle out of your next roadside inspection.

Cruise Through Inspections
Six ways to cruise through your next roadside inspection, helpful steps to make the process a breeze.

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